Cinnamon Coffee Cake Balls

These Cinnamon Coffee Cake Balls are very similar to my brownie bites and to cake pops. This also implies that they are delicious!

This again is just like the brownie bites recipe. You just cook up the coffee cake like you would normally and then mix it with icing. You scoop that into balls and then freeze them and then roll your balls around in melted chocolate. If all of this sounds tasty and easy its because it is! Give this a try this holiday season and ENJOY!!

Cinnamon Coffee Cake Balls

These are little bites of heaven.
Prep Time1 hr 20 mins
Total Time2 hrs
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Dessert
Keyword: Cinnamon, Coffee Cake
Servings: 30 balls
Author: Sophie May


  • 8x8 pan



  • If you haven't already done so, bake your cake according to the box instructions. Let cool completely.
  • In a bowl, break the cake into crumbs.
  • Add and combine icing one scoop at a time until dough like mixture forms.
  • Scoop rounded T balls onto parchment lined cookie sheet.
  • Chill for 1 hour.
  • Melt vanilla coating.
  • Dunk chilled cake balls in the coating. Coldness of the dough will determine how quickly the coating hardens.
  • Sprinkle tops with cinnamon sugar immediately. Enjoy!

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