Smoked Venison Chorizo Armadillo Eggs

 These Smoked Venison Chorizo Armadillo Eggs are what smokers were created for!!

Armadillo eggs are just visually stunning. Jalapenos stuffed with cheese, wrapped in sausage, wrapped in bacon, glazed in BBQ sauce, and then put on the smoker… This is a prime example of why America is the best country ever created!

These delicious meaty eggs (not a euphemism) have been on my list to make for a long time now. Thanks to Z-grills again for making this recipe possible (use sophie5 at checkout for 5% off everything including on sale items!). However, I didn’t want to make the same kind of armadillo eggs that everyone else makes. I wanted mine to be unique and original. So, I gave mine a little wild game Tex-Mex flare.

I decided to use chorizo as my sausage and to use my smoked chorizo queso as the cheesy filling. I also found some new BBQ sauce by tabasco that paired GREAT with it. Overall, the combination was amazing!

This recipe does require a few premade things i.e. the queso and the chorizo. Both of these can be made beforehand and frozen until you want to make your own armadillo eggs. I also tried three different BBQ rubs on the eggs: a simple SPG rub, a Mexican Chupacabra rub, and a sweeter meat church rub. The sweeter one was my favorite and I think contrasted the spices of the chorizo well.

Use this recipe as a template though. If you want the standard breakfast sausage with the peppers stuffed with Velveeta or American cheese you can do that. Or if you want an even crazier mixture do that to. The world is your oyster! Lastly, I just hope you guys ENJOY this as much as my family did. If you have any comments or if enjoy this recipe leave a review and rating in the comments!

Smoked Venison Chorizo Armadillo Eggs

Delicious meaty goodness wrapped into an egg and smoked!
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time1 hour 40 minutes
Total Time2 hours 10 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine: American, Smoked, Tex-Mex
Keyword: Chorizo, Ground Venison, Mexican, Smoked, Tex-Mex, Venison
Servings: 6 eggs
Author: Sophie May



  • 2 lbs venison chorizo
  • 6 jalapenos heads cut off and cored
  • 16 oz bacon
  • venison chorizo queso enough to fill the jalapenos
  • favorite BBQ rub I used meat church the Gospel
  • 1 C Tabasco Jalapeno Mesquite BBQ Sauce or favorite BBQ sauce
  • beef broth just enough to thin out the sauce


  • Preheat your smoker to 275°F.
  • If you have not already, cut the caps off of the jalapenos and use the back of a spoon to core it out.
  • Fill the jalapenos with your queso. I used leftover queso for this, but have no problem making a new batch to eat with your armadillo eggs.
  • Wrap your jalapenos in your chorizo. Just enough to surround the pepper.
    chorizo step
  • Wrap your eggs with bacon. It helps to cut a piece of bacon into smaller/shorter pieces to use as endcaps for the eggs.
  • Season your eggs with your favorite BBQ rub. I tried three rubs and ended up liking a meat church seasoning the best.
    bacon wrapped/seasoned egg
  • Put on your smoker and smoke for 1 and a half hours.
  • Towards the end of that smoke take a small sauce pan and heat it on low.
  • Add around a cup of BBQ sauce to the pan.
  • Slowly add beef broth to the BBQ, whisking as you do, until the desired consistency.
  • You want to thin out most store bought BBQ sauces to remove some of the gloopyness. However you still want some thickness to your sauce to glaze your eggs.
  • Leave on the stove for ~10 minutes and add more broth or BBQ sauce to get desired consistency.
  • Glaze your eggs with your BBQ sauce and then put back on the smoker for ~10 minutes to caramelize the sauce.
    Glazed Armadillo Eggs
  • Pull off and let rest for a few minutes so the queso is not molten when you bite into it.
    Glazed Armadillo Eggs cut into
  • ENJOY!!


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