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Oven Roasted Salsa
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Oven-Roasted Salsa

Growing up in Texas you come to realize there should really be an extra category on the food pyramid strictly for salsa. Any good Mexican restaurant should have delicious chips and salsa waiting for you on the table when you arrive. Honestly, if I go to a Mexican restaurant and the salsa isn’t good, I […]

Homemade Tortillas
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Jade’s Tortillas

This is a recipe one of my childhood friends, Jade, gave me and it is my favorite recipe for tortillas! It’s a family recipe, it is not very involved like many tortilla recipes, and it is delicious, so I hope everyone enjoys these tortillas as much as I have! Homemade tortillas=amazing!

Mac & Cheese
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Mac & Cheese

I wanted an extra thick mac and cheese. I’m talking cheese pull, crispy top, noodles trapping cheese inside them… the whole nine yards. This recipe makes a casserole sized dish serving and let me tell you a secret, I ate the whole thing. Enjoy this deliciousness. Thick, cheesy, and tasty mac and cheese!